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Raiders hang team-record 63 points on banged-up Chargers

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Raiders hang team-record 63 points on banged-up Chargers

63 points. Only 10 points shy of the NFL record set by the Chicago Bears in the 1940 NFL Championship Game. The Chargers gave up 63 points to a Raiders team who a) lost 3-0 four days prior, and b) played without Josh Jacobs, their star running back. If this isn't the last straw for the Chargers to fire Brandon Staley as their head coach, then I don't know what is.

Let's look at Staley's list of offenses. Blew key games with overthinking. Called a very unnecessary timeout during the 2021 season finale against the Raiders that led to LV getting in field goal range on the next play and winning. On that night, the Raiders were originally planning to play for the tie, and that would have put both teams in the playoffs. Instead, the plan changed, the Raiders went for the win and got it. As a result, the Raiders and Steelers got into the 2021 playoffs, while the Chargers were eliminated. Then there's last year's Wild Card game; Chargers led 27-0 but ended up losing to the Jaguars. And remember, the defense is Staley's baby.

With this loss, the Chargers can be eliminated from playoff contention this week if either the Chiefs or Broncos win, and a few of the AFC's 7-6 teams win this week.

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