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Craig Berube Fired as St. Louis Blues Head Coach

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Berube fired as Blues coach, replaced by Bannister

I just learned about this; I was shocked at first, but that turned into me laughing my a** off. I'll explain.

I remember when Berube was hired as Blues coach in January 2019. At that time, the Blues had the worst record in the NHL, yet it took them five months to turn it around and actually go on to win their very first Stanley Cup. I was happy for them at that time, but my respect for Berube (as well as the Blues as a whole) decreased beginning in 2021, when he had the nerve to b***h about the officiating during the Avalanche/Blues first round series (Blues had as many power plays as we did). The following year took the cake; you know the incident. The Avalanche's Nazem Kadri is pushed into Blues' goalie Jordan Binnington by Calle Rosen (also with the Blues). Despite this, not only did Blues fans blame Kadri, a number of them sent racist death threats to Kadri. As for Berube, he didn't say sh*t about it, and by the time he finally did speak out, it was two days too late and completely half-assed. Not surprised, considering when Berube was a player, he once called Peter Worrell (a Black player) a "monkey."

So yeah, f**k Berube, f**k Binnington (who also has a racist history), and f**k the Blues. Enjoy that pink slip, Craig.



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