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Female athletes shred witness' testimony suggesting women should 'lose gracefully' to trans competitors


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"Just for the record, I have lost gracefully many times in my career. Even speaking to the incident of Thomas and I, at the national championships, we tied for fifth — granted, fifth in the entire nation, so it’s still an incredible achievement," Gaines said to Congress. "But there were four women who beat me. I’m incredibly proud of those women who beat me. So, I certainly can and have lost gracefully many times in my career."

This is a load of sh*t! Riley Gaines acts like she has handled all losses gracefully. She hasn't! Look at how she's handled her loss/tie to Lia Thomas. She's been on an antitrans crusade since.



"Trans students participate in sports for the same reasons as [other] kids," Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the women's rights nonprofit National Women’s Law Center, said.

"Because it is fun, because it creates belonging, community, because it teaches so much about persistence, leadership and discipline, and last, they learn to lose gracefully – hopefully – and often, win with dignity," she continued.

This whole statement is being twisted into some horrible slam against women and demanding they put up with "men" in their division. All this statement is saying is trans people are taught to have fun and be good sports.

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