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New Jersey man Edward Mathews sentenced to 8 years in jail for hurling racial slurs at neighbors in viral video


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New Jersey man Edward Mathews sentenced to 8 years in jail for hurling racial slurs at neighbors in viral video


A white New Jersey man who unleashed a racially charged viral rant and spat at his black neighbors sobbed in court Friday as he was sentenced to a lengthy stay in prison, apologizing for his “insensitive and disrespectful words.”

Edward Cagney Mathews, 47, will be mandated to serve four years of an eight-year sentence for pleading guilty to four counts of bias intimidation as well as possession of a controlled, dangerous substance with intent to distribute, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Mathews was captured on footage referring to the neighbor as a “monkey” and a “n—-r” while bumping his chest and spitting on the man during the altercation.


Mathews, who worked as a construction foreman, was taken into custody on July 5, 2021, after the protesters surrounded his townhome, located about 17 miles east of Philadelphia.

Following a more thorough investigation, prosecutors found that multiple complaints had been filed with Mount Laurel police about Mathews over five years before his arrest.


Mathews will be credited for the 886 days he has already served and will be eligible for parole in 16 months, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Judge Breland also ordered Mathews to pay $4,408 in restitution and undergo racial sensitivity training in prison.


The claim was backed up by his now ex-wife, Shannon Schwartzhoff, who told the Daily Mail in 2021 that her former husband had “a lot of his best friends are black.” 

He's not sorry about what he did. He's only sorry he was caught and the law is taking a stand. The restitution he is paying should have been alot more considering the damage he has done. His ex wife is as bad as him using the old "has black friends" bit to excuse her now ex-husband's racism.

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