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Is "Mr. Monk's Last Case" Really His Last?


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Today, Peacock released the highly anticipated telefilm, Mr. Monk's Last Case:  A Monk Movie, which takes place well over a decade after the 2009 series finale. The gang was back together:  Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, and Ted Levine, along with Hector Elizondo, Melora Hardin, and a brief appearance by Brooke Adams (Tony Shalhoub's actual wife) in the opening. It was an awesome film; totally felt like a typical Monk episode, and speaking of that, there's a theory I have regarding this revival:  It may not be the end.

A line during the film's midpoint saw one of the cops (played by one-time Lifetime villainess Raven Dauda) telling Monk that the department wants him back in his consultant role, due to his efforts and his work being honored and respected. She revealed that there were a number of unsolved cases in her file drawer:  22 of them, to be exact. Those who know TV know the number 22:  it's the usual number of episodes in an extended full season of a TV series. That, plus a later scene where past victims thank Monk for solving their cases? It has me convinced that we may see a full revival of the Monk TV series

USA aired the original series for eight seasons between 2002 and 2009. I did recently read that USA is wanting to get back to the whole "Characters welcome" era, which included Monk, Psych, White Collar, and Suits (among a few others), so if my theory is correct, we could see USA airing a Monk revival TV series--probably by late 2024/early 2025 at the earliest. Of course, the episodes would pop up on Peacock on the following day; in fact, Peacock has all eight seasons of the series. 

What do you think? What did you think of the Monk movie on Peacock? Will we see a full revived series?

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