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Comedy/Thriller-Themed LMN Movie Pitch: "My Demented Girlfriend" (For Sunny Mabrey on Her Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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When a man (William R. Moses) dealing with divorce from his ex-wife (Jane Lynch) and estrangement from their son (Carter Jenkins) meets a lovely woman (Sunny Mabrey) and becomes bewildered by her charm. But with that charm comes isolation and devastation, and soon enough, his new "girlfriend" plots to keep him at his side by terminating everyone in his life.


Additional casting: Valerie Bertinelli as William R. Moses' wild-child cousin, Bruce McGill, Dorian Gregory, Patricia Heaton, and Ted McGinley as William's boss and co-workers in the engineer department, Catherine Dyer and Matthew Pohlkamp as local, no-nonsense cops, William McNamara as a former flame of Sunny Mabrey's who knows what she's capable of, Adam Huss and Kristi Murdock as married and supportive neighbors, Eden Sher and Charles Melton as Carter Jenkins' best friends, Christina DeRosa as a local therapist, and "Weird Al" Yankovic as an author that parodies the thriller genre.


Distributors: Johnson Production Group and Crazy Legs Productions.


Writers: Christine Conradt and David Chester.


Executive producers: Timothy O. Johnson, Christine Conradt, Joseph Wilka, and David Chester.


Producers: Marie Halliday, Marguerite Henry, and Scott Thigpen.


Music: Catherine Joy.


Stunts: Katie Reese.


Director: Marguerite Henry.

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