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Thriller-Based Lifetime Movie Pitch: "The Wrong Fan" (For Rib Hillis on His Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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A famous actor (a clean-shaven Rib Hillis) coping with the loss of his wife from cancer and estrangement from his music-loving daughter (Pilot Paisley-Rose) finds himself in the crosshairs of a fan (Brooke Newton) who has an all-around dangerous obsession with making him her "one and only." She'll resort to every drastic measure possible, even kill, to have him all to herself. Tapping into new reserves of strength, the actor must find a way to escape his captor and make things right with his daughter.


Additional casting: Vivica A. Fox as Rib Hillis's manager, Corin Nemec, Andrea Bogart, Jennifer Taylor, and Jon Prescott as Rib's acting co-stars, Krista Allen as Rib's wife and Pilot Paisley-Rose's mother in flashback, Mark Famiglietti and Alissa Filoramo as Rib's married neighbors, Txunamy Ortiz and Neela Jolene as Pilot's classmates and best friends, Marcus Scribner as a potential love interest for Pilot, Kerry Butler as Pilot, Txunamy, and Neela's teacher in music class, Tracy Nelson and April Hale as on-the-job cops, and Mia Topalian as a woman with a connection to Brooke Newton's past.


Distributor: Hybrid LLC.


Writers: Doug Campbell and Amy Taylor, from a story by Brooke DeRosa.


Executive producers: Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi, and Jeffrey Schenck.


Associate producer: Conor Glantz.


Producers: Vivica A. Fox, Brooke DeRosa, Rib Hillis, Brian Nolan, and David DeCoteau.


Music: Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour.


Additional music: Steve Gurevitch.


Assistant director: Peter Sullivan.


Second unit director: Meredith Thomas.


Main director: David DeCoteau.

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