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Drama/Thriller-Themed Tubi Movie Pitch: "A Romance to Ravage"

Philip Gipson

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A man and his British fiancee (Sterling Sulieman and Brooke Burfitt) prepare themselves for a new chapter in their lives with the support of friends (Logan Henderson, Jillian Murray, Danielle Baez, and Ross Butler) and family (Dorian Harewood, Debbie Allen, Mark Harmon, and Jane Seymour), but said chapter is tested when the couple comes across a hitchhiker (Ashley Doris) who claims to want to get back on her feet when, in reality, she's a romance-obsessed serial killer. As she further inserts herself into their lives, the couple will rediscover what they truly mean to each other in order to defeat the madwoman before them.


Additional casting: Laurie Fortier and Matt Davis as no-nonsense local cops, Chow Yun-Fat, Diane Robin, and Megan Liu as Ashley Doris's parents and younger self in flashback, Meredith Thomas as a local minister, Jon Briddell as a local landlord, Linden Ashby as an eccentric but well-meaning neighbor, and Alex Camacho as someone with a connection to Ashley Doris's past.


Distributors: Johnson Production Group and The Asylum.


Writers: Lindsay Hartley and Maddison Bullock.


Executive producers: David Rimawi, Lindsay Hartley, and Timothy O. Johnson.


Producers: Joseph Wilka, David Michael Latt, Paul Bales, and Maddison Bullock.


Music: Brooke DeRosa and Alexander Bornstein.


Stunts: Walter Jones and Kristen Vaganos.


Directors: Allison McAtee and Anthony C. Ferrante.

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