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Black man’s truck repossessed moments after he was gunned down by Alabama cops


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Black man’s truck repossessed moments after he was gunned down by Alabama cops


Police said that Perkins, a black man, had also pointed a gun at the officer, who reportedly fired 18 shots at the man, hitting him seven times.

18 shots is excessive!



Police and the driver said he had mounted a gun on the flashlight, a claim which could not be verified by watching the footage.

Now, isn't that suspicious.



A spokesperson for Perkins’ family said he was “ambushed” by police, who gave him less than a fraction of a second to comply with instructions to get on the ground before opening fire, doorbell camera video showed.

Something is rotten here!



“And then I heard an officer call and say he ‘needed an ambulance ASAP,’ and then a little later I heard him say ‘he’s out,’” Capps continued, adding that the ambulance was in “no hurry” to arrive.

The neighbor also said that when she hailed a police officer to her porch after the shooting and asked them if Perkins was okay, they lied and said “he’s fine.”

Highly suspicious!



Decatur police spokeswoman Irene Cardenas-Martinez reportedly disputed Capps’ account of the aftermath of the shooting and said officers had rendered first aid.

2 words: police coverup.



On Nov. 4, new home security footage from a neighbor across the street emerged depicting Perkins’ truck callously being towed as he fought for his life, riddled with gunshots on his own property.

Why am I not surprised?

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