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San Francisco 49ers are Favored to Win Super Bowl LIX




This actually came out just hours after the Super Bowl ended; every sport does this. As soon as a champion's crowned, we get the way too early favorites list right after. I was, and still am, surprised that the 49ers emerged as the overall favorites to win Super Bowl LIX. It has nothing to do with what happened with the team in recent days; I was surprised when it first came out. Now I really think they should be knocked down a few pegs.

As it stands now, the Niners are the overall favorites. The Chiefs are listed second, and the Ravens are third. As for my Packers, we're 10th, which is hella good considering the circumstances. In the near six-decade history of the Super Bowl, no team has ever won three in a row. The Chiefs are the first team to win back-to-back Super Bowls since the Patriots won Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX almost 20 years ago. The Patriots are also the last team to play in three straight Super Bowls, appearing in Super Bowls LI (won), LII (lost), and LIII (won). The Chiefs have been in four of the last five Super Bowls, and if Patrick Mahomes hadn't thrown that interception in OT of the 2021 AFC Championship, we'd be talking about five straight Super Bowl appearances, which would have broken the record set by the Buffalo Bills, who famously reached four straight Super Bowls and lost all of them.

So yeah, even when the odds were revealed, I didn't agree with the Niners being favored. Now, after everything that happened and come out, I know that oddsmakers are making a big mistake favoring the Niners to even get to Super Bowl LIX, let alone win it. Time will tell, though--almost a year away.

Super Bowl LIX will take place in New Orleans on February 9, 2025, and will air on Fox.

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24 minutes ago, GMileyCollier78 said:

What are your favorite picks for Super Bowl 59?

Honestly, I see some good reasons to believe that the Packers can get there, but if we can't, I would think that it would be Chiefs vs Lions in SB59.

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