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SuperBowl 58: Unforgettable & Amazing



When I started watching SuperBowl 58 last night, I thought it would be an awesome night. I was wrong. IT WAS SO VERY AWESOME!


Andra Day sung the black national anthem. Beautiful voice. Beautiful moment.


The way Reba McEntire sung our national anthem was beautiful and something very special.


Post Malone singing America The Beautiful was spectacular.


When the game started, I was so excited. The Chiefs scored just before halftime with the 49ers leading 10-3.


The Halftime Show started with Usher, whom pulled out all the stops for an impressive performance. He was also joined by Alicia Keys and other special guest stars; HER, Lil Jon, Ludacris, WilliAm. I was left in complete awe as the performance reached its conclusion.


The 3rd quarter saw Chiefs's kicker Harrison Butker set a SuperBowl field goal record when he kicked a 57 yard field goal, thus breaking Jake Moody's short lived field goal record (55 yards) set in the first quarter.


In the 4th quarter it got very interesting. As it was about to end. The Chiefs tied the game. Then came...OVERTIME! Thus marking SuperBowl 58 as the 2nd SuperBowl to go into overtime.


As we got into overtime, hope for the Chiefs win began to fade as the 49ers scored. It began to fade even more as time began to run short. But suddenly, with 3 seconds left in the game's overtime...Mecole Hardman made a touchdown. With that very touchdown the Chiefs had won their second SuperBowl in a row.




Last night was nothing short of amazing. This was truly a SuperBowl I won't soon forget.

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Greatest Super Bowl ever! This was an absolute classic! I loved everything about this game, and I really enjoyed the entertainment as well!

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