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Cosmic Dimensions

Lifetime Crime/Drama/Mystery Pitch: "A Pregnancy to Fight For" (Based on a Concept by darkshadow237)

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A college-aged couple (Olivia Holt and Noah Centineo) are excited to be planning their future together, until the boyfriend is mysteriously killed by an unknown assailant. Not only do his girlfriend, their parents (Ralph Macchio, Sheryl Crow, Adam Baldwin, and Ally Sheedy), and their friends (Sierra McCormick, Kaitlyn Dever, Azeem Vecchio, and Tanner Buchanan) learn about this tragedy, but the girlfriend finds out she's pregnant with his and her child. Now with the support of her living loved ones, she must fight to protect herself and the unborn child before the attacker strikes again.

Additional casting: Eoin Macken and Janet Carter as on-the-job detectives, Betsy Brandt as a local grief counselor, Chuck Hittinger as a hard-hitting journalist, Meredith Thomas as a snobby neighbor, Maeve Quinlan, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Jenna von Oy as a principal and two teachers for the college that Olivia Holt and her friends attend, Ryan Manuel as a local spiritual advisor, and Abbie Cobb as an OCD-driven gardener.

Distributor: Cartel Pictures.

Writers: Louise Burfitt-Dons and Shanrah Wakefield.

Executive producers: Kyle McNally, Stan Spry, and Eric Scott Woods.

Associate producers: Shanrah Wakefield and Lauren Caster.

Line producer: Kami Norton.

Music: Eliza Swenson.

Stunts: Samm Wiechec and Olivia Buckle.

Assistant director: Kabby Borders.

Second unit director: Christina Licciardi.

Main director: Allison McAtee.

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