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"The Conners" Renewed for a Shortened Seventh and Final Season


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I haven't watched The Connersbut this news makes me happy for one simple reason:  it proves all the Roseanne Barr-a** kissing morons WRONG. Racist Roseanne is still going around showing off her victim complex and claiming that she was "unfairly" fired and "cancelled"; even though her firing was justified because she made racist comments. And everyone said, "You can't have Roseanne without Roseanne." From the looks of it, you can, and it can last a long time as well. Roseanne Barr can go f**k herself.

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11 hours ago, Maira said:

I had forgotten all about why Rosanne was fired. What did she say exactly?

Roseanne, in so many words, called Valerie Jarrett (an adviser to then-President Barack Obama) an ape. Jarrett's Black.

And like all racists, Roseanne tried to make excuses; claiming she was on Ambien when she tweeted that racist comment.

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