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North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term 'illegal alien'

Amber Mera

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"North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term 'illegal alien'"



According to McGhee, an English teacher was giving an assignment that involved using vocabulary words such as the word "alien." In response, her son asked if the teacher meant "like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?"

Another student allegedly took offense to the term and threatened to fight McGhee’s son, forcing the teacher to contact the assistant principal. The staff later deemed the term to be offensive to Hispanic students and punished him. 


"Because of his question, our son was disciplined and given THREE days OUT of school suspension for ‘racism,’" McGhee wrote to the Carolina Journal. "He is devastated and concerned that the racism label on his school record will harm his future goal of receiving a track scholarship. We are concerned that he will fall behind in his classes due to being absent for three consecutive days."

She also stated that the school has so far refused to remove the suspension from her son’s record and that her family has already begun working with an attorney.


"Please know that Davidson County Schools administrators take all discipline incidents seriously and investigate each one thoroughly," the comment read. "Any violation of the code of conduct is handled appropriately by administrators."

The suspended student did nothing wrong whatsoever. I am concerned that the racism label will affect him throughout his life. This will cost him college opportunities. This could cost him jobs. He might get treated differently. Even judged. He and his parents should sue the school.


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