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Cosmic Dimensions

LMN Drama/Mystery/Thriller Pitch: "An App Worth Killing For" (Inspired by True Events and for Lindsay Hartley on Her Birthday)

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Feeling the need to foster a connection with her neighbors after the mysterious death of her husband, a woman (Lindsay Hartley) is encouraged by her fun-loving neighbor (Josie Davis) to download an app that helps foster connections with others. The app starts off promising, but soon it becomes a bane, especially when atrocities like murder are involved. The widow must choose between keeping her head down and doing the right thing if she needs to survive this disaster.

Additional casting: Meredith Thomas as the CEO of the app that Lindsay Hartley is using, Joel Berti and Keesha Sharp as a married neighborly couple, Jennifer Taylor, Natalie Daniels, and Eli Jane as Lindsay's best friends from childhood, Adam Harper as Lindsay's husband in flashback, Britt George as someone Lindsay bonds with over their similar tragedies, Ben VanderMey as a local lawnmower, Maiara Walsh as a private investigator eventually hired by Lindsay to look into the app's shadiness, Jamie Roy and Ashlee Fuss as a couple who doesn't use social media much and would prefer true human connections, Chuck Hittinger and Katrina Bowden as a pair of sibling thugs, Tom Welling and Shannon Skiles as skilled detectives, Clark Moore as a nasty reporter spreading lies about Lindsay, and Rebekah Kennedy as an animal-hating edgelord type.

Distributors: MarVista Entertainment and Crazy Legs Productions.

Writers: Kelly Peters and Amy Taylor, from a story by Lindsay Hartley and Josie Davis.

Executive producers: Hannah Pillemer, Fernando Szew, Tom Capello, Josie Davis, and Lindsay Hartley.

Producers: Scott Thigpen, Marie Halliday, David Chester, Naomi L. Selfman, and Meredith Thomas.

Music: Eliza Swenson.

Stunts: Nicole Danielle Watts and Michelle DeMond.

Director: Christine Conradt.

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