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Lifetime Horror/Thriller Pitch: "The Darkness Within" (Celebrating Amy "Lita" Dumas' Birthday)

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A young detective (Sarah Dugdale) finds herself continuing a case that is personal to her: her pursuit of "The Countess," a mysterious drug queenpin. The personal aspect comes from the fact that her former partner on the force (Daria Berenato) was killed by The Countess, and it's because of the tragedy that Sarah is persuaded by her captain (Amy "Lita" Dumas) not to continue with the case out of fear for Sarah's safety.
To Sarah's shock, she sees the believed-to-be deceased Daria out one night, and in a bigger shock, she's seen with The Countess, who is donning a hooded cloak to keep her identity hidden. Sarah ends up confronted by Daria, who warns Sarah to back off before something bad happens to her. Sarah continues her investigation, and tracks Daria to a secret location, finding various vials of what appear to be blood before encountering Daria--who provides a surprise revelation: she's a vampire. As Daria cackles, Sarah runs off and is about to call her colleagues before she's suddenly encountered by Amy, who asks Sarah what was going on. Once Daria appears, Sarah warned her evil former partner about Amy's presence, only for Daria to laugh at Sarah in response.
After this, Amy turned heel on Sarah, injecting Sarah with a mysterious chemical. Sarah wakes up and sees Daria taunting her before Amy comes out donning a long cape, revealing herself as The Countess. Amy also revealed that she and Daria were lovers, and she turned Daria, setting it up as a murder so they could secretly work on their plan to spread their vampire blood and sell it to humans, creating a vampire wasteland. Sarah was revealed to be injected with the blood by Amy, and she now must prevent the evil duo's plan, while also save her own humanity.
Additional cast includes Kate Drummond as Sarah's late mother, a legendary detective who Sarah idolized, Dylan Neal as Sarah's father, Justina Valentine as an evil vampire minion, and Ross Butler as Sarah's fiancé.
Distributor: Marvista Entertainment
EPs: Brittany Underwood and Lindsay Hartley
Director: Amy Dumas
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