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Cosmic Dimensions

Tubi Thriller Pitch: "Closer Than You Think" (Celebrating Charlotte Flair's Birthday)

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After losing her father, a young woman (Parker McKenna Posey) takes over, with her father's business partner and second wife (Charlotte Flair) serving as Parker's advisor. Once Parker takes over, she and her company are suddenly bombarded by online attacks by a mysterious hate group, which is led by an evil "Grand Wizard"-type master in a white robe and mask. Parker's resistance against the group is followed by the young woman being abducted by the Wizard's henchmen (David Chokachi and Brennan Elliott), while Charlotte gives a press conference regarding Parker's abduction and the state of the business.
As for Parker, she is taunted by David and Brennan with comments about "meeting the Wizard," who appears in the robe before unmasking, revealing the Wizard as none other than Charlotte. Charlotte cements her heel turn by revealing that she also killed Parker's father (David Charvet in flashbacks), berating him for "betraying his kind" by marrying Parker's mother (Erica Mena in flashbacks) and giving Parker his company, with Charlotte claiming that it should have been hers based on her overall looks alone. Charlotte informs Parker that she plans to use her position to further spread her hateful message, leaving Parker tasked with finding away out and stopping the evil Charlotte from enacting her venomous scheme.
Additional cast includes Lindsay Hartley and Marques Houston as a pair of competent detectives, Camille Hyde and Sarah Moliski as Parker's close friends, Claudia Christian as a police captain who is secretly a villainess in league with Charlotte's heel faction, and Cynthia Bailey as Parker's maternal aunt.
Distributor: Footage Films
EPs: Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, and Erica Mena
Writer: Marques Houston
Dir: Erica Mena
CDN media
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