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Lifetime Thriller Pitch: "Snow White's Deadly Seduction" (Celebrating Danneel Ackles' Birthday)

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A young woman (WWE's Liv Morgan) is introduced to her father's (Corin Nemec) new wife (Danneel Ackles), which troubles Liv. Unbeknownst to Corin, Danneel had a pair of trysts with Liv five years prior, when Liv was a college student and Danneel was her professor. Liv moved on, but Danneel hadn't, as she became obsessed with Liv, and even secretly told Liv that her sole reason for marrying Corin was to get closer to Liv, who turns down Danneel's latest advance. Following this, Danneel sets out to destroy Liv's life, leaving Corin unaware of his new wife's twisted vendetta against his daughter.

Additional cast includes Jensen Ackles as the lead detective, Tanya Clarke as Liv's late mother in flashbacks, Amanda Saccomanno as Danneel's evil henchwoman, and Kalen Bull as Liv's cousin.

Distributor: Reel One Entertainment

EPs: Danneel and Jensen Ackles

Writer/Director: Jensen Ackles

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