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Lifetime Horror/Thriller Pitch: "Moonlight Becomes You" (Celebrating Vanessa Evigan's Birthday)

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A therapist (Vanessa Evigan) with problems of her own suddenly finds herself with a patient (Mark Deklin) pleading with Vanessa to kill him, claiming that he is a monster. Mark suddenly pulls out a gun, leading to a struggle that ends with Mark shoving Vanessa away and committing suicide, though Vanessa is strangely left with what appears to be claw marks. In the time that passes, Vanessa acts more bold and confident, a change that surprises her wife (Lindsay Hartley).

However, late one night, Vanessa suddenly sees her that hands and face are covered with hair, and she started displaying claws and fangs as well. Following her transformation, Vanessa prowled and fatally attacked a woman (Shanley Caswell), and the following morning sees her panicking over what happened, only to suddenly see her reflection in the mirror telling her what she had done, while advising her to embrace her new evil side, which increases when Lindsay visits her at work, and she greets Vanessa's secretary (Barbie Blank). Filled with a delusional belief that Lindsay and Barbie were seeing each other, Vanessa decides to use her werewolf abilities to enact a murderous plan against both women, who are unaware of Vanessa's sudden heel turn.

Additional cast includes Briana Evigan as Vanessa's single younger sister, and Dylan Neal and Alicia Leigh Willis as detectives on the case.

Distributor: MarVista Entertainment

EPs: Lindsay Hartley and Greg Evigan

Director: Brittany Underwood

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