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Cosmic Dimensions

Lifetime Thriller Pitch: "Obsession: Whatever it Takes" (Celebrating Melina Perez's Birthday)

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Following a robbery, a couple (Peter Benson & Erin Boyes) calls the police, and they are introduced to the lead detective (Melina Perez) on the case. Melina's appearance surprises Peter, as they used to date prior to Peter's marriage to Erin, who is greeted warmly by Melina during the interview. However, Melina's partner (Sarah Dugdale) notices that she had been visiting the couple frequently, even off duty, and her own investigation uncovered a shrine of Peter in a secret room in Melina's home. Before Sarah could leave, Melina turned heel and murdered Sarah, and later spoke to her shrine in a delusional rant, which revealed that she masterminded the robbery as part of her plan to get closer to Peter--a plan that would include attempting to eliminate Erin.

Additional cast includes Patty McCormack as Erin's widowed mother, Isabella Hofmann as a police psychologist with some insight on Melina, Matthew Pohlkamp and Laurie Fortier as another couple are are friends with Erin and Peter, and Mickie James as someone from Melina's past.

Distributor: Marvista Entertainment

EP: Lindsay Hartley

Director: Roxanne Boisvert

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