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MLB The Show 24 Introduces First-Ever Career Mode With Women Players

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MLB The Show 24 Introduces First-Ever Career Mode With Women Players


MLB The Show 24 will let you create and play as a woman for the first time in the series history, with Road to the Show: Women Pave Their Way, a new addition to the Road to the Show Mode. As well as charting the player character's path to fame, the Women Pave Their Way mode will also feature a unique storyline featuring an original female character and her ongoing friendship with the player.

My interest is very peaked.



"We wanted the scenarios and characters in this new experience to feel as authentic as possible, so we went straight to the source, interviewing and drawing inspiration from some of the most successful women in baseball, such as Kelsie Whitmore," Braley said.

Good to know.



For the 2023 edition of the game, MLB The Show included the Negro Leagues for the first time, letting players experience a vital part of baseball history as part of the game. This year for the Negro Leagues Season 2, trailblazing player Toni Stone will also be showcased as the first woman to play in the Negro American League back in 1953.


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