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Cosmic Dimensions

Lifetime Comedy/Thriller Pitch: "Killer Flight Path" (Inspired by the 1994 Movie "Turn of the Blade")

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A cameraman (Matthew Pohlkamp) with an eye for detail is hired by a travel agency to join an airplane pilot (Alicia Leigh Willis) to film Earth's natural beauty. But, the pilot herself has two problems: she has a reckless streak and is a true sexual predator. She becomes dangerously and romantically obsessed with her employer and wants the both them to be "soulmates," despite the employer being a married man. The pilot resorts to many drastic measures to have the cameraman all to herself, forcing him to fight for his very life.

Additional casting: Kelly Bishop as Matthew Pohlkamp's stern but well-meaning mother, Nicole Marie Johnson as Matthew's younger sister who works in the foster care system, Kristi Murdock and Bryson JonSteele as Matthew's novelist wife and puzzle-loving teen son, Shemeka Wright as Matthew's manager, Jon Briddell as Kristi's publicist, Ryan Francis, Jennifer Field, Crystal Allen, and Marc Herrmann as Matthew and Kristi's respective best friends, Gina Simms as a private investigator whom Matthew's manager hires to investigate Alicia Leigh Willis, Rachel Turner and Jamie Roy as Alicia's young adult self and her boyfriend in flashback, Steven A. Miller as a man Alicia hires to drug and "rape" Kristi, Cleo Anthony and Allison McAtee as local detectives, and Rib Hillis and Katrina Begin as an engaged neighborly couple.

Distributors: Nicely Entertainment and Mutiny Films.

Writers: Doug Campbell and Lindsay Hartley.

Executive producers: Lindsay Hartley, Carolina Brasil, Jared Cohn, Stien Davis, Ben Galera, Jubal Ace Kohn, Anselmo Martini, Nicholas Ryan, Michelle Schwarzer, Vanessa Shapiro, Demetrius Stear, and Richard Switzer.

Line producer: Ben Gelera.

Music: David Bateman and Sarah DeCourcy.

Stunts: Brenna Skalski (Lonely Crime Fanatic) and Evandra Aurelia (Illumeably).

Director: Doug Campbell.

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48 minutes ago, Billie Jean said:

I see potential in this, but considering Lifetime's dishonesty with movies, Tubi is best.

I don't deny Lifetime's dishonesty with their movies. Quantity seems to be all they ever care about these days.

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