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Michigan server reveals why she was fired after receiving viral $10K tip: ‘Don’t want to create a bigger issue’


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Michigan server reveals why she was fired after receiving viral $10K tip: ‘Don’t want to create a bigger issue’


The Michigan server who received a $10,000 tip was fired after she wouldn’t rat out her coworkers who complained about not getting a cut, claiming the owners threatened to sue for “her entire estate,” her lawyer said.

She shouldn't have been fired over that!



The kitchen staff Benton Harbor restaurant, however, felt snubbed from the generous gift.

The disgruntled back-of-house staffers had become angered with Huff for not getting a piece of the nearly 31,000% tip, and drama soon unfolded, causing problems within the staff.

They're just being greedy. The generous tipper wanted it split between the servers!



Huff reportedly had gone to management to assist with calming the drama, but her bosses wanted to know who was causing the issues.

“I’m not going to give any of their names … because I don’t want to create a bigger issue,” Linsey Huff said according to her lawyer Jennifer McManus, who spoke with the Guardian. “I would just like some assistance in getting this resolved.”

That's a mature way to handle it.



McManus claimed the restaurant fired her client after she was unwilling to reveal her angered co-workers’ identities.

That's a stupid reason!



Huff allegedly received a phone call from a Mason Jar manager, telling her the restaurant had retained attorneys to file a lawsuit against her unless she deleted the Facebook post.

McManus claimed the threat was enough for Huff to erase the post, that “truthfully” documented the firing, and the restaurant’s threat also included them suing “for her full estate.”

I'd have kept it up and mentioned the threat to sue over speaking the truth!



Management at the Cafe became angered with Huff for posting about her firing and refuted her claims by saying Huff’s termination had nothing to do with the tip, and it was “purely a business decision.”

Typical. "it was a business decision". I smell butthurt!

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