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Lifetime Thriller Pitch: "The Secret Lives of College Professors" (Celebrating Bellamy Young's Birthday)


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A college student (Emary Simon) transfers into another school after moving back into her hometown for the first time since the passing of her favorite uncle (Dylan Neal) five years prior. Her aunt (Bellamy Young) serves as the dean, and despite not being too close, she welcomes Emary to her school. Emary forms a friendship with two fellow students (Azeem Vecchio and Jacqueline Scislowski), so much so that she reveals her true reason for the transfer.

Emary reveals that her childhood friend (Grace Patterson) suddenly died a year prior, and while it was written off as an accident, Emary's cousin (Cody Sulek) told him that he suspected drugs, as well as a possible drug ring, led by a queenpin villainess simply known as "The Duchess." Jacqueline ends up learning that one of their professors (Jessica Szohr) was part of the ring, and sends a text to Emary, who informs Bellamy about their discovery. Bellamy voiced her shock over Jessica's criminal actions, and later meets with Jacqueline regarding her discovery. However, Jessica suddenly appears to both of them, and afterwards, Bellamy turned heel by knocking out Jacqueline, while revealing her true identity as The Duchess.

As it turned out, Bellamy went from a drug user to a drug dealer years ago, and had been running her operation at her school, using a number of professors. Dylan found out the truth about Bellamy's heel persona five years prior, and it was Bellamy who murdered her husband to cover up her secret and continue her empire, which resulted in Grace's death as well. In addition, the evil Bellamy had suspected that Emary would return to stop her, and with Jacqueline attacked and held hostage, Emary and Azeem look to save her from The Duchess' clutches.

Additional cast includes Natasha Henstridge and Halston Sage as Grace's grief stricken mother and sister, respectively, Michael Xavier and Hilary Shepard as competent detectives, and Michael Devorzon and Briana Evigan as Emary's late parents (in flashback)

EP: Lindsay Hartley

Distributor: Reel One Entertainment

Director: Natasha Henstridge

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