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Parents of Young Chiefs Fan Sue Deadspin For Accusations of Racism


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I heard about this. Racist punk kid dresses in black face and red paint, which disrespects both Black people and Native Americans, yet the parents think it's A-OK. This was a few months ago, and after they were rightfully called out for this, the bigots are suing. OMG. Bigots filing frivolous lawsuits seems to be a trend lately. Honestly, this is the same as the parents of that school shooter being put to trial. In that case, the parents got the gun for that kid, so they're responsible. Same applies here.

That kid is a racist, plan and simple. It's clear that his parents enable and condone this bullsh*t, too; the fact that they're resorting to suing shows that they think that racism is OK. I'll bet $$$ that they're among the group of insensitive a**h**es who hated that Washington's NFL team changed their name. I hope Deadspin countersues and takes them for everything. They have to learn that racist acts and displays like that are not OK. Instead of taking the time to defend bigotry and basically get paid for it, how about taking some time to, oh IDK, teach your kid right from wrong?

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