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Immortal Legends (version-5)

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    Celestra was born  in the kingdom of Welholme. Her parents were mere common folke. Her mother died when she was young. She was raised by her father whom was the personal chef to King Gerand. When she was a mere 6 years old she began to figure out she wasn't "normal". A mystical being known only as Morlyn approached her one night when she wandered off late at night into the woods. When Celestra was only 12 years old her father passed away of a terrible sickness known as pneumonia. She took over her father's job as the castle chef. For being so young, she was quite good at her job. King Gerand was quite pleased.


    Prince Rossler was born to King Drake of Kalgore kingdom. King Drake was a cruel and harsh man. He raised his son to be the same. King Drake did his best to groom his son to be king one day. When he was just 17 years old, his father, in an ultimate test of his years of training, had him lead their troops into war against the rival kingdom of Welholme. Celestra was only 13 at the time.....

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