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Dance-Themed Lifetime Movie Pitch: "The Dance of Death" (For Anna Marie Dobbins on Her Birthday)

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A young Southern woman (Anna Marie Dobbins) with a love for dance decides to join a dance club in order to get herself and her parents (William R. Moses and Jennifer Grey) out of debt. Soon enough, she's surrounded by all the internal and external conflicts surrounding said club, prompting her to put her life at risk to uncover its secrets. Will this prove to be her first and final official performance?

Additional casting: Natasha Wilson as the head of the dance club that Anna Marie joins, Jon Briddell as Natasha's boss, Andrew Rogers as Natasha's cynical brother who takes a liking to Anna Marie, Grace Patterson, Christie Leverette, Ashley Doris, and Aubrey Reynolds as women with backgrounds similar to Anna Marie's and who are also the dance club's customers, Christa B. Allen as Anna Marie's rival on the dance floor who gets jealous of the latter woman's arrival and harrasses her at every turn, David Yost and Juan Pablo Di Pace as a married neighborly couple for Anna Marie's family, Max Ehrich as Anna Marie's childhood best friend, Jackee Harry and James Hyde as local cops, Sean Kanan and Christopher Sky as a pair of criminals with a connection to the dance club, Juliana Destefano (in a Hispanic accent inspired by the English-dubbed Myka Media videos) as a homeless person also with ties to the dance club, and Jennifer Field as a mysterious hooded figure tracking Anna Marie's every move.

Distributors: Reel One Entertainment and The Ninth House.

Writers: Kelly Peters and Amy Taylor, from a Jake Helgren story.

Executive producers: Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Barbara Fisher, Breanne Laplante, and Sheri Reeves.

Producers: Autumn Federici, Jake Helgren, Deon Richmond, Kelly Peters, and Amy Taylor.

Line producer: Kristifor Cvijetic.

Associate producer: John Burd.

Music: Catherine Joy.

Stunts: Michele Dawson and Hunter Deno.

Director: Jake Helgren.

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