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Brooke Burns in "A Sister's Revenge"


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I've been watching Baywatch recently, and I couldn't help but think, "You know, a lot of these Baywatch actresses have done Lifetime movies." One such actress is Brooke Burns, who played Jessie Owens during the last three combined seasons of the long running series (Season 9 of Baywatch and both Baywatch:  Hawaii seasons, which also count as Seasons 10 and 11 of the show). Brooke Burns appeared in six Lifetime movies between 2006 and 2013, with her last one being A Sister's Revenge.

In true "saving the best for last" fashion, Brooke turned heel and took on a villainous role in the 2013 film. A Sister's Revenge featured Brooke as Suzanne Dell, a maniacal villainess who was hellbent on seeking revenge on the film's main protagonist, Michael Miller, for the suicide of her younger sister, Ariel (who previously dated Michael). This was an amazing film, and Brooke truly shined as a villainess in this, especially in the climax, where Brooke appears in a very appealing leather outfit that really shows that she is enjoying her lone heel Lifetime role. Here's a collage below:



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Brooke Burns should be in more villain roles. It would suit her real life b***h of a personality. I tried to get her autograph once. She wasn't busy. She could have said no, but she said "why should I? Go away and go on a diet.". I was fat then.

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