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Immortal Legends (version-4)

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Ashelynn (nicknamed Ashe) Jameson was 7 years old when she first figured out she wasn't an ordinary girl from a being of vast and great power known as Gestore. For 2 years Ashelynn had wondered who the mysterious person was that occasionally appeared to her as if he was watching over her like a guardian angel. Her best friend Larry was with her when she learned of who and what she was. Gestore expressed the importance of why he must keep this a secret from all he knew. For if he uttered a word, his life and that of his friend Ashelynn would never be the same.


When Ashelynn was 11 years old she learned that there was another like her, but was saddened to learn he was evil by nature. "In time you might come across the other like yourself and come to know him by what many call him...'the Fireghost'.". is what Gestore told her. He warned her to be careful when crossing his path. Ashelynn had asked if there was a chance that one day he, the Fireghost could be turned to the side of good so they could combat the evils of the universe together. She was told it was highly unlikely, but still hoped someday it could happen.


Ashelynn's first encounter with the Fireghost was on her 12th birthday. He appeared in the form of a firey apparition. At first Ashelynn thought it was part of a prank her best friend Larry was playing on her, but when she got a feeling of extreme uneasiness, she knew something wasn't right. Off and on it kept appearing to her in that form. Never saying anything, never doing anything. Just there.. watching... as if waiting for the right moment to make its move.....


Now begins Immortal Legends version 4: Legend of the Fireghost!!!

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