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Bills-Dolphins wraps 2023 NFL season

As announced after the Packers/Vikings Sunday Night Football contest, the 2023 NFL season will end with the Miami Dolphins hosting the Buffalo Bills on NBC's Sunday Night Football slot. The winner of this game will clinch the AFC East, as well as the AFC's #2 seed, and this was set up when the Dolphins were blasted by the Ravens, and the Bills defeated the Patriots. Entering this contest, the Dolphins hold a one game lead over the Bills in the AFC East, but the Bills blasted the Dolphins during Week 4 of the season, hence this set up. 

Here are the possible scenarios for this game:

Of course, the winner clinches the division, and this is because of that first meeting won by Buffalo. For the Dolphins, a win gives them the AFC East based on record. For the Bills, a win would tie them with the Dolphins, but Buffalo would be crowned as champions of the AFC East due to winning both games over Miami. Now, Miami is in the playoffs regardless, but a loss to Buffalo would knock them down to the #6 seed, a Wild Card position.

The Bills, at the moment, don't enter this game facing elimination. They could still clinch a playoff spot before they take the field in Miami. Buffalo can receive a playoff spot as early as Saturday, and they have three different ways to get in. If the Steelers lose or tie on Saturday, Buffalo's in. If that doesn't happen, Buffalo can get in if the Texans/Colts game ends tied. If neither happens, Buffalo can get in if the Jaguars lose or tie. However, if the Steelers and Jags win, and someone wins Texans/Colts, then the Bills will be in trouble. If none of the three other clinching scenarios come true, then the Bills have to win to clinch the division, or tie to be a Wild Card. If they lose, and Plans B, C, and D don't come true, then the Bills' season is over.

There are 272 total games in the NFL's regular season. Bills/Dolphins will be Game #272 this season.




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