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A Lifetime Christmas Thriller Pitch: "All I Want For Christmas...Is Your Life"


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Liza (Mariah Carey) has it all: she has a wonderful husband (Mario Lopez), she is a stepmother to Mario's teenage daughter (Scarlett Estevez), and she is a well-known and loved businesswoman. Unbeknownst to Liza, there's one more thing she has: a long lost twin sister, Layla (Mariah Carey in a dual role). Unlike Liza, Layla's life hasn't gone well; she had just finished a prison sentence for manslaughter in the death of a lover of hers. It's not until she gets mistaken for Liza that Layla learns about her twin sister for the first time, and after learning about Liza's life and family, as well as her holiday plans, Layla schemes to remove Liza and steal her good life as a Christmas gift to herself.
Additional cast includes Aimee Garcia as Mario's sister and Scarlett's aunt, Eva Longoria as Mario's first wife and Scarlett's mother, Vanessa Vander Pluym as Layla's lover/co-conspirator, and Ricardo Chavira & Annika Boras as a pair of detectives.
Distributor: Marvista Entertainment
EPs: Mariah Carey and Mario Lopez
Dir: Mariah Carey
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