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The abuser: Johnny Depp or Amber Heard


The abuser: Amber Heard or Johnny Depp  

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  • GMileyCollier78 changed the title to The abuser: Johnny Depp or Amber Heard

I believe the abuser is Johnny Depp. He has a criminal history. He also has a very public history or very outrageous behavior. He also has behaved like a person intent on feigning being the victim and portraying his victim as the problem. The DARVO is so very very strong with him. There's too many holes in Johnny Depp's story. Also the fact that he's gaslit the public against Amber Heard on the level he has...implies to me he is not innocent. Innocent people don't do massive gaslighting like he has.

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Johnny Depp = abuser!

1) History of criminal behavior.

2) Abuse of others in public.

3) Amber Heard is living her life while Johnny Depp still gaslights his following.

4) He treated the trial as some promotional opportunity for himself.

5) He is totally an a**h**e.

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