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Drama/Suspense/Thriller-Based Lifetime Movie Pitch: "Killer Rent" (For Nicole de Boer on Her Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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A single woman (Torri Higginson) has been behind on paying rent following the passing of her parents, so she calls an expert who may help her find a way to solve this problem. Suddenly help arrives in the form of a "rent resolver" (Nicole de Boer) who knows how to get the job done. At first the latter is helpful, but the former soon comes to realize that her "helper" may be a she-devil in disguise who's obsessed with never leaving due to experience of homelessness.

Additional casting: Dan Jeannotte and David Pinard as sibling neighbors for Torri Higginson, Kari Matchett and Samora Smallwood as Torri's best friends, John Ralston as a potential love interest for Torri, Stefan Brogren as Torri's shady landlord, Natalie Brown as Torri's opportunistic neighbor next door, Benjamin Ayres and Laura Vandervoort as an engaged couple, Emily Piggford as a local mailwoman, Zak Santiago as Torri's plumber, Garry Chalk as Torri's stern but fair landlord, Roger Cross and Meaghan Rath as local cops who only care about keeping the peace, Krista Marchand as a woman on the verge of suicide, and Mark Taylor and Tim Rozon as not-so-typical bystanders.

Distributors: Johnson Production Group and Vortex Productions.

Writers: Carley Smale and Robin Dunne.

Executive producers: Lisa Alford, Andrew C. Erin, Timothy O. Johnson, Jesse D. Ikeman, Torri Higginson, and Justin Rebelo.

Producers: Taralee Gerhard, Stefan Brogren, Bill Marks, Carley Smale, Nicole de Boer, and Christopher Giroux.

Music: Russ Howard III and Louise Tremblay.

Stunts: Chantal Strand and Sarah Booth.

Director: Stefan Brogren.

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