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Crime/Suspense/Thriller-Themed Lifetime Movie Pitch: "The Wrong Bridesmaid" (For Jamie Bernadette on Her Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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A woman (KellyAnne Judd) simply can't wait to go from being engaged to being married to the man (Derek Theler) of her dreams, and friends and family are ecstatic about this moment...well, almost. One of her friends (Jamie Bernadette), who comes from a wealthy family, has had feelings for the exact same man and is outright furious for being sidelined. This "friend" resorts to as many underhanded tactics as possible to ruin the wedding and claim her prize. But will the wife-to-be put a stop to the insanity before it's too late?

Additional casting: Vivica A. Fox as a local wedding officiant and KellyAnne Judd's neighbor, Christopher McDonald and Laurie Metcalf as KellyAnne's parents, Katie Leclerc, Ashley Argota, Liz Fenning, and Maiara Walsh as KellyAnne's best friends/bridesmaids, Bryan Cranston and Mimi Rogers as Jamie Bernadette's snobby parents, Alicia Leigh Willis as a hitwoman whom Jamie hires, Christie Leverette as Derek Theler's psychotic, gold-digging ex-girlfriend whom Jamie goads into action, Dey Young as Derek's supportive single mother who's a sculptor, Nicholas Braun as a drug lord whom Jamie hires to seduce KellyAnne, David Lascher and Allison McAtee as a local doctor and nurse, and Tilky Jones and Kara Royster as no-nonsense detectives.

Distributor: Hybrid LLC.

Writers: Scotty Mullen and Naomi L. Selfman.

Executive producers: Naomi L. Selfman, Barry Barnholtz, Gene George, Zelma Kiwi, and Jeffrey Schenck.

Producers: David DeCoteau, Vivica A. Fox, Allison McAtee, and Brian Nolan.

Associate producer: Conor Glantz.

Music: Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour.

Additional music: Britlin Lee Furst.

Stunts: Matthew Pohlkamp and Gina Vitori.

Second unit director: Meredith Thomas.

Main director: David DeCoteau.

Edited by Philip Gipson
It needed a bit more bite to it.
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