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Cosmic Dimensions

Drama/Suspense/Thriller-Themed Tubi Movie Pitch: "Work Can Be Killer" (For Jessica Blackmore on Her Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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A man (Jon Briddell) with a work-life balance finds that balance disrupted when a fellow employee (Jessica Blackmore) repeatedly makes a pass on him. His constant rejections push her over the edge, and she becomes more determined than ever to be his "one true love," even if it means she has to kill.


Additional casting: William R. Moses, Kristi Murdock, Christopher Sky, and Philip Boyd as Jon Briddell's boss and co-workers in the real estate world, Shawnee Smith and Indi Star as Jon's designer wife and dance daughter, Meredith Thomas, Sofia Rosinsky, Trinitee, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Indi's teacher and classmates in the dance world, August Maturo as Indi's potential boyfriend, Rick Hoffman and Elizabeth Mitchell as August's parents and Jon and Shawnee's neighbors, Christopher Atkins and Kim Fields as local, on-the-job cops, and Shiri Appleby as a former friend of Jessica Blackmore's.


Distributors: MarVista Entertainment and Wishing Floor Films.


Writers: Susan Lucci and Lindsay Hartley.


Executive producers: Suzanne Berger, Larry Grimaldi, Danielle von Zerneck, Hannah Pillemer, Fernando Szew, Lindsay Hartley, and Arnie Zipursky.


Producers: Shane Boucher and Caitlin Delaney.


Associate producers: Rachel Bulatovich and Marly Reed.


Post producer: Carlo Vitelli.


Supervising producers: Kimberly McCullough and Ryan Greig.


Music: Eliza Swenson.


Stunts: Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez and Nakia Burrise.


Director: Kimberly McCullough.

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