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Comedy-Drama/Holiday-Themed Lifetime Movie Pitch: "Fighting for Christmas" (For Jana Kramer on Her Birthday)

Philip Gipson

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Two single people (Cameron Jebo and Hannah Barefoot) dealing with so much in life meet up by chance in the middle of the Christmas celebration and begin to bond over things they like and dislike. But just as they start to become something so much more, they get news that a ruthless businesswoman (Jana Kramer) wants to abolish everything Christmas and make sure no one celebrates the holiday. Needing all the help they can get, the two people fight to make sure that Christmas stays in this world.


Additional casting: Bruce Boxleitner, Lynda Carter, David Hasslehoff, and Colleen Camp as Cameron Jebo and Hannah Barefoot's parents, Lindsay Hartley and Justin Berti as Cameron and Hannah's married neighbors, Annalise Basso and Kristen Vaganos as Jana Kramer's by-the-book minions, Lyndon Smith as Jana's estranged younger cousin, Jackson Rathbone, Torrey DeVitto, Lamorne Morris, and Jamie Chung as Cameron and Hannah's supportive best friends, and James Hyde and Jessica Morris as local, on-the-job cops.


Distributor: Cartel Pictures.


Writers: Jay Black and Lindsay Hartley.


Executive producers: Jay Black, Lindsay Hartley, Kyle McNally, Stan Spry, Eric Scott Woods, Jessica Morris, and Jana Kramer.


Music: Chad Rehmann and Lolita Ritmanis.


Stunts: Maria Breese.


Director: Doug Campbell.

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