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Immortal Legends (version-1)


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At the age of 4, Miyana Lansing was paid a visit by a being known only as Zephyrr. He informed her she wasn't like other human being, but rather she was born one of the 2 legendary immortals. It was hard for her to understand, but as time went on and Zephyrr coached her in practicing her newfound abilities she had come to get the hang of it. She first encountered beings from a different world when she was only 7 years old. They were creatures known as Jauntlers. She had no idea where they came from or why they came to her world. When she was 13 she had more encounters with various other types of beings. That is when Zephyrr appeared to her again and helped her create her fighting armor to transform into in case there was trouble in public view so her identity would not be revealed.


When Nick Provenz found out of his power, he was 17 years old. He didn't take to it very well, but got use to it after a few visits and training sessions with Zephyrr. He was told of another like him but was never told who. When he was only 20 he became a police officer in the Dellington, Florida Police Department. He loved the job and decided to make it a career. He was quite good at his job, but sadly he had quite a vicious temper.


 Now begins version 1 of Immortal Legends series.....


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