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Talk Show-Themed LMN Movie Pitch: "The Wrong Manager" (Inspired by Wendy Williams)

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A woman (Vivica A. Fox) who has a highly successful talk show finds her world turned completely upside down when the person she hires as her manager (Adam Huss) turns out to be obsessed with having all the fame and fortune for himself and is determined to destroy his employer's image in the eyes of the public.

Additional casting: Rosey Grier and Marla Gibbs as Vivica A. Fox's parents, Christopher Atkins, Kayden Muller-Janssen (The Villains of Valley View), and Shaun Dixon (Dhar Mann) as Vivica's husband, college-aged daughter, and genius teen son, Garcelle Beauvais as Vivica's younger sister, Eriq La Salle as Garcelle's husband and Vivica's brother-in-law, Daniella Taylor as Garcelle and Eriq's college-aged daughter and Vivica's niece, Alex Heartman, Ashley Doris, and Carlos PenaVega as Vivica's camera crew, Aaron Goldenberg as Vivica's makeup artist, Claire Blackwelder as Vivica's production assistant, Diane Robin as the head of the network that funds Vivica's talk show, Joel Berti and Ashlynn Yennie as local cops, Taylor Murphy as Adam Huss's secret yet opportunistic girlfriend, and Adam Harper as a local private investigator.

Distributor: Hybrid LLC.

Writers: J. Bryan d**k and Grace Patterson.

Executive producers: Barry Barnholtz, Jeffrey Schenck, Dan Golden, Vivica A. Fox, and Zelma Kiwi.

Associate producer: Randy Carter.

Producers: Peter Sullivan, Brian Nolan, David DeCoteau, J. Bryan d**k, and Grace Patterson.

Music: Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour.

Additional music: Brooke deRosa.

Stunts: Brianna Cohen and Matthew Pohlkamp.

Assistant director: Kabby Borders.

Second unit director: Meredith Thomas.

Main director: David DeCoteau.

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