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Comedy/Drama/Thriller-Based Lifetime Movie Pitch: "Deadly Waitress" (For Aubrey Reynolds on Her Birthday and Partially Inspired by the "Overly Attached Girlfriend" Meme)

Philip Gipson

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A woman (Aubrey Reynolds) who's been on the receiving end of authority for stalking and killing men her age takes on a new job at a restaurant as a waitress. Her latest target: a man (Alex Trumble) going through a harsh breakup. She takes advantage of his vulnerability at every second, effectively pulling him into her game of suffering. Will her victim be able to resist long enough to defend himself?

Additional casting: Saxon Sharbino and Trevor Stines as Alex Trumble's self-serving ex-girlfriend and Saxon's current boyfriend, Bruce Campbell and Rebecca De Mornay as Alex's wealthy and loving parents, Dominic Sherwood and Jeanine Mason as Alex's lifelong friends, Michael DeVorzon as Alex's family's gardener, Joey Lawrence and Jennifer Field as an engaged neighborly couple, Matthew Atkinson and Cathryn Dylan Ortiz as young detectives, Ryan Francis as the owner of the restaurant that Aubrey Reynolds works at, Annika Foster as an ill-fated employee whom Aubrey replaces, Galadriel Stineman as Aubrey's gold-digging partner in crime, and Jason Tobias as the local mailman.

Distributors: Reel One Entertainment and Mutiny Films.

Writers: Nicole Marie Johnson and Liliana Tandon.

Executive producers: Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Breanne Laplante, Jared Cohn, Jubal Ace Kohn, and Demetrius Stear.

Producers: Nicole Marie Johnson, Liliana Tandon, Kelly Erin Decker, Naomi L. Selfman, Morgan Bradley, and Shanti Whitney.

Music: Andrew Scott Bell.

Stunts: Jasi Cotton Lanier and Nils Stewart.

Director: Morgan Bradley.

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